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Experience Luxury Travel at Wholesale Prices - SAVE 20% to 60% or more on...

Hotel Accommodations, Cruise Vacations, Resort Stays, Car Rentals, National Attractions and Local Activities!


The Secret to Leverage Wholesale Pricing on All Your Business Travel, Save Money, and Reward Leads, Clients, and Teams.

Do any one of these speak to you?

  • Too Many Nights in Hotels - You are the frequent travel pro enduring those hotels and rental cars wearing you out and starting to add up $$$$...
  • Travel Budget Hampering You - You truly want to get out into the market to press the flesh but the high cost of hotels and car rentals is eating you alive...you can learn how to do more for less money.
  • Motivating Your Sales Team - Regularly and desperately trying to motivate a sales team to "Beat the Street" as they share travel nightmares...
  • Securing Sales Meetings - The daily grind of filling your appointment calendar with quality sales appointments from people weary of sales people...

What if You Could Turn Travel into Sales?

What We Do

Our technology team has been developing proprietary software throughout the last decade. Some of the world's top brands including Ford, Southwest Airlines, Best Buy, Quicken Loans and hundreds of others utilize our platform to lower acquisition costs, maintain loyalty, incentivize customers, and reward employees.

Our proprietary travel portal is focused on saving users money and time. Our technology provides a distinct competitive advantage at a lower cost. Users benefit from exclusive, wholesale travel pricing on products such as hotels accommodations, resort stays, cruise vacations, car rentals, local activities and family attractions. This technology combined with the best user experience and unparralleled savings drive acquistion costs down, engagement in all areas increases, and solidifies customer and employee retention.

Here Are a Few Ways You Benefit

  • Flexible Software Solutions - Our proprietary software allows for easy turnkey solutions and fully customizable integrations. We provide solutions for Fortune 500 brands, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.
  • Premium Incentives - These programs provide a high-value / low-cost solution with tangible results. We provide and affordable solution to generate quality leads and to incentivize customers and employees.
  • Employee Benefits - Currently, many Fortune 500 brands provide their employees membership to our travel platform. When used as an employee incentive, our platform increases employee morale by providing immediate travel savings.
  • Corporate Travel - If you currently purchase travel through traditional online travel agencies for you or your employees, we can provide you immediate savings from day one and reduce your travel costs up to 60%.


Don't Even Think of Making Travel Reservations Until

You See How Much Money You Can SAVE!

"After years of speaking, training, coaching and teaching in the personal development business, we realized that a significant amount of our professional lives were spent traveling. Not only were we traveling to the live events, but in most cases, the audience traveled to attend the events.

Combine that with the messages we often shared from stage, those of personal and professional freedom, living the life of luxury or more importantly a life of choice, and we realized we wanted more!"

Scott Schilling


What if you could...

  • Get All Your Travel at Wholesale Prices? - More travel, more opportunities, more stages, and more sales for less cost.
  • Create Cost Effective Motivation for Sales Teams - Treat your people with year round travel benefits as a bonus to their goal achievement. Easy travel arrangements for them...reduced expenses for you and/or the company.
  • Get More Face to Face Sales Meetings - What is worth more than a fully booked calendar of quality prospects that you get face to face time with easily? Back to the basics...customers do business with those they know, like, and trust!

Luxury Travel at Wholesale Prices

Your membership delivers 12 months of wholesale savings for two people...you and your significant other (that's why it's You Plus 1!) enjoy savings on Hotel Accommodations, Cruise Vacations, Resorts Stays, Car Rentals, Local Activities and Exciting Attractions!

  • SAVE up to 75% of retail hotels and resorts
  • SAVE up to 15% rebate on major cruise lines
  • SAVE on domestic and worldwide activities
  • SAVE on car rentals with contracted pricing
  • Earn REWARD CREDITS for all reservations to be used towards any future reservations across all categories!

Save 20% to 70% on Business Travel

Let's face it, if you can pay wholesale for the exact same room that you have been paying retail for, it just plain makes sense. SAVING Money IS MAKING Money when you are paying your own travel expenses - or even if the company you work for is paying! Stay better for less...

Get Insider Wholesale Rates

Gain Private Access to Wholesale Rates on Hotel Accommodations, Weekly Resort Stays, Car Rentals, Crusie Vacations and more. You will see savings of $50 - $1,000 off retail.

Extra Rewards Over Big Name Sites

Booking through the YouPlus1 Travel Club earns you double...or even triple the rewards on every purchase compared to big name travel sites.

Lower Prices Than Big Name Sites

YouPlus1 Travel Club beats the "other guys" pricing every time...and WE guarantee it! We will give you 110% of the price difference if you find a cheaper price online.

Reward Those That Take Action & Enroll

A great way to create a purchase incentive is to give the "Gift of Travel" to your students or team members. It's perfect for those that have to travel to attend your events, or want to reduce expenses in their business. They win and you win too!

Life is short - Live it fully!

Live a life full of moments and memories! You have earned it it. You've worked hard, kept your nose to the grindstone and now, it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are so many amazing places around the world to explore - Just Do It!


1,000,000+ Hotels

Save on all top hotel and resort brands anywhere in the world by leveraging our booking engine with your membership.

Reward Credits

Earn Reward Credits on every purchase you make. Save up on your reward credits and use to book travel.

Price Guarantee

Not sure if this will work? We guarantee it! If you find a hotel cheaper online, we promise to credit you 110% of the difference.

"We love speaking and training because we love the freedom it creates. We also love to goof off as much as any one. Scott and his wife Peggy love the British Virgin Islands, especially chartering catamarans and sailing around the various islands. They just absolutely love the water!

My lovely bride Michelle and I love pleasure travel as well. The other thing we agreed upon, there has to be a better way. After searching for that better way, and finding it for ourselves, we decided to share it with others!"

Sean G. Murphy



Take Advantage of Luxury Travel at Wholesale Pricing - Stay Better for Less!

Who is it For?

Business Pros like Tonya:

... love us because the money she is saving on hotels alone has allowed her to extend trips to get more done. "Last week I stayed in the same hotel in Houston I have been staying at for years. The difference, I paid less than half of what I have been paying, stayed an extra day, and got a couple extras pieces of business!"

Traveling Salesmen like Sean:

... love us because the job required an average 130 nights a year in hotels! "I love the Travel Club because I saved $19 in Poteau, OK one night and that paid for my dinner. If all I save is twenty-bucks a night (which I typically save more), that's $2,600 a year that I can put back into my business and my family!"

Online Experts like Niki:

... love us because she is sharing amazing travel experiences with family. "Getting to share life-time firsts with my nieces has been wonderful. Having them be able to stay in nicer places for less than they ever imagined is a bonus. Just that fact that they could travel with me multiple times this last year created some memories we'll never forget!"

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