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10 Books (That Sucks...What Now?)

That Sucks – What Now? is a concept that came out of Scott having lived through some unimaginable challenges in life. His willingness to share the stories publicly through this book is admirable, but more importantly, Scott has unearthed some extremely valuable success secrets, techniques, strategies and tips for how to successfully live through the challenges and come out the other side with only a few scratches. Relying on his faith and using the knowledge and wisdom he has gained over time, he has personally weathered many storms. And now, in this book, he details the real-world solutions to any challenge or difficult time that he shares in his work as a speaker, trainer, and executive coach. 10 New Book Presale + $500 in Total Gifts $249.90 + $9.95 Shiping & Handling Total $259.85

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