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How We Work

Our mission is to ultimately help you to accomplish your mission! Through our combined 60 plus years of personal and professional experience, we work with you to define, refine, and craft your offerings to be effective in serving your market.

STEP 1: Join the Free Facebook Community

Join the YouPlus1 community on Facebook to network and get support from your peers and community. Each day, we will post important opportunities and trusted, vetted resources and education.

STEP 2: Ask Your First Question

The power is in the network. Ask all the questions and problems you are struggling with and get answers from those more experienced. Take a moment to assist others and learn by teaching!

STEP 3: Get 101 Speaker Hacks Download

Download 101 Tips, Tricks and Hacks from Scott Schilling and John Childers acquired over 7,000+ stage experiences over 40+ years.

STEP 4: Schedule a Consultation

Get a free 30 minute consultation with Sean or Scott to sit down and ask those tough questions. No charge. This is our "YouPlus1" give back to the community.

STEP 5: Get Your Customized Solution

Go through our 12 week coaching program with 1 on 1 solutions to earn more money with more confidence while more effectively sharing your message.

BE the person that pours into another…in all areas of life…or in just one…lift them Spiritually, Professionally, Physically, Financially, Personally, Socially, and Inspirationally. Let’s rally those of like mind and like heart that have a desire to create the positive momentum of goodness around the globe. 

You see…two, telling two, telling two, telling two, thirty-two times touches EVERYONE on this planet…it’s really nothing more than starting with “You Plus 1”!  The light bulb came on like a million candle-power beam…that’s it…we’re starting a worldwide community and movement encouraging others to become someone’s “Plus 1”! Will you join us?  

Who is it For?

Speakers & Trainers

... love us because we share over 40 years and 7,000+ stages of experience with world greats like Tony Robbins, General Colin Powell, Suzi Orman and Harv Eker.

Coaches & Consutants

... love us because we share the most effective methods to help their clients reach their goals, make it stick to improve your own client retention for consistent revenue.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

... love us because we help you maximize your natural gifts and talents, enable them to share their message with a broader audience to achieve a greater impact.

Join the YouPlus1 Community Now to Get Daily, Actionable, Tips to Start Earning Money Now While Sharing Your Passion With the World.

You Don't Serve Anyone By Playing Small - Let's Grow Together

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