"Scott has unearthed some extremely valuable success secrets, techniques, strategies and tips for how to successfully live through the challenges of life and come out the other side better off for the experiences." 

Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach

Best-Selling Author of The Success Principles™ Featured Teacher in The Secret, and

Co-Founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series

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Get the Book... Get the Action Journal... Get the BUNDLE!


1 Book & 1 Journal w/Bonuses

+ (2) $100 Travel Savings Gift Cards

For Larger Quantities - Please Call for Quote - 844-955-7283

Read what the "Insiders" have to say:

"That’s Sucks—What Now? is an all-encompassing read filled with loving wisdom, and heartfelt sharing from the author. I was utterly amazed at how much information is shared in such a practical way!

If you’re facing a challenge of any kind, this book will guide you through that darkness. An uplifting must-read!”

Robert Clancy

International Best-Selling Author of The Messenger, and Co-host of The Mindset Reset Show

“Scott Schilling shares from a place of authenticity and wisdom along with a proving roadmap for all those wanting to navigate the entrepreneur’s journey.

Resilience, persistence, faith and action are all part of the necessary tools you will need. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your roadmap and wisdom! 

Kyle Wilson

Strategist, #1 Best Selling Author, Founder of Jim Rohn International & KyleWilson.com

“Scott has been through unreasonable challenges and always chooses to be an overcomer! He looks for the opportunity in the obstacle and the blessing in the disappointment. 

He’s been faithful despite his circumstances, counting it joy even when his situation did not look good! You will be encouraged no matter where you are in life.”

Kelli Calabrese

Best-Selling Author Mom and Dadpreneurs, Wellness Mompreneur

"If you want to become the kind of person who can consistently overcome life's toughest challenges and win the mental battles that keep you feeling stuck & confused, READ THIS BOOK! 

No matter what you've been through or what you're going through, you're just one thought away from transforming your life forever."

Brian C. Fleming

Combat-Wounded Afghanistan War Veteran - Suicide Bombing Survivor - Author & International Speaker

“That Sucks - What Now?  is a timely message of truth that touches you right at the heart level and at the same time encourages you to look deep into your own truth. It triggers and/or activates that place that says, "But how can I be qualified to serve others when this has happened or that has happened?”

The real-life stories that Scott recounts in this book really "brings home" the thought that the classroom of life is what qualifies us to help others save time and really bring value to others in such an amazing and significant way.

Scott Schilling is truly an asset to all that engage him either personally or in business and I know that this book will encourage many individuals, who believe that they have to live in a facade of perfection, to take off their mask and truly live a full, peaceful life of impact." 

Tina Michelle

Producer Host of The TinaSpeaks Show, Founder of TMTV, and the SheCon Movement

"Scott Schilling delivers the gold again! In this upbeat no-nonsense guide to persisting through life's stuff while living from a grateful heart and positive mind, he shows by experience that those who persevere do so on purpose. 

A great read for the conscious leader who's ready to find the true power and meaning of B.A.L.A.N.C.E for their life and business."

Lia Dunlap

Oracle on Purpose

“That Sucks - What Now? is brilliant, practical, and deeply insightful. A must-read guidebook for the contribution-conscious leader who is ready to get out of their own way and use their divine experiences to pay it forward in profound ways that change the world.

When you absorb the profound wisdom and real-life tools for powerful living and leading, you'll never be the same.”

Lisa A. Mininni

Best Selling Author & President, Excellerate Associates – A business mentoring and leadership/organizational development company

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Foreword by

Jack Canfield America's #1 Success Coach

Author of The Success Principles™, Featured Teacher in The Secret and Co-Founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series


1 Book & 1 Journal w/Bonuses

+ (2) $100 Travel Savings Gift Cards

Early March 2020 Delivery Date

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Read what"More Insiders" have to say:


"Powerful, Inspirational, Overcoming Personal Life Change, Heartfelt, Equal Real Circle of Life for Everyone Today.

Scott Schilling’s personal solutions will definitely impact you and the world for generations to come. You will feel Scott’s energy resonating through every page. Scott’s Real Experience Journey will relate to every soul on the planet.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for helping mankind through your Real-World Solutions.”

Marc Cohen

Chairman / Founder/ CEO / Buy Direct Companies: Global Visionary Influencer Strategic Intelligent Advisor - Scottsdale, AZ

“Reading this book helped me realize that if someone as incredible as Scott can have these challenges and be as brilliant as he is, then I too can create massive results! 

Thank you, Scott, for sharing the reality of life and encouraging us to do more with our own.”

Tonya Hofmann

CEO & Co-Founder of BeeKonnected.com / Founder of the Public Speakers Association

"I've known Scott for years. From the first time we met, we hit it off because we share a servant's heart. I founded BeSomeone.org to help inner city youth learn to use Chess as a metaphor for life and utilize Brains Over Bullets. 

When learning what we were doing, Scott immediately helped by including Be Someone in his book, "Talking with Giants!" raising both awareness and money for the cause. If you can learn from Scott, as they say, “Just Do It!"  

Orrin C. Hudson

Executive Director, Be Someone, Inc.

There is no doubt when the "S**t hits the fan" in your life you want all the wisdom and Maturity surrounding you possible. When our company "Focus on the 5" set out to find "THE COACH" advisor for the Face and Voice of 5%ers. Scott was the name and leader that we came up with. People like Scott is who you want at your side.

If you ever get a chance to meet him, first thing you will feel is a Genuineness and sincerity to help you and others, mankind in general. He is Immersed in Faith of God. Scott is Born to be a spiritual, Wisdom Coach, Leader of Giants, Risk Takers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Visionaries, Driven Souls. 

I believe this Book came from a place in him that will make an impact on the world. 

Ken Coleman

Founder - Focus on the 5

 "What a beautiful, vulnerable and powerful book! I've known Scott for years and watched him consistently take on and push through various challenges in both life and business. It's inspiring to watch Scott lean into the challenges, and also master the lessons learned coming through them. 

His heart is dedicated to sharing those real-world solutions to benefit others. This book captures that real-life knowledge and shares in such a way that anyone can implement it in their lives...impressive! And destine to become a classic!"

Teresa de Grosbois

#1 International Bestselling Author of Mass Influence

"Scott Schilling knows as well as anyone that life can change in an instant. His personal physical experience brought him to a very low point in his life. What happened is that Scott learned quickly how to deal with life when throws you its worst, how to cope, recover, and move through it. 

Scott provided some excellent wisdom on how to make life amazing everyday know matter what comes our way. A must read for those going through challenging times." 

Rich Cavaness

Author of The Gratitude Effect and Power to Thrive

"Scott Schilling is a competent and highly successful businessman who I was blessed to meet at a conference in Las Vegas years ago.

He is a gifted teacher who has lived a fascinating life and has faced and conquered seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In this book, Scott shares intimately from his own experiences how to best process problems and live our best lives. Get yours today!"  

Eddie Smith

Owner & CEO - Worldwide Publishing Group, LLC

"Read this book! Scott gives you inspiring stories that will help you deal with the challenges of life and a simple road map to get through them. A must-read!

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

International Bestselling Author, Speaker and Media Personality

"JP & Associates Realtors® was born around a simple concept, supply real estate agents everything they could possible want or need in a brokerage. Scott, his books and trainings are much the same. 

He uses his personal experiences good, bad or ugly to pass along the solutions learned for the good of his students. As the title implies, this book is full of real-world solutions to real-world challenges." 

JP Piccinini

CEO & Founder JP & Associates Realtors®

“A must-read for every entrepreneur. That Sucks What Now? is a bridge Scott has built to make our lives more manageable and easier to navigate. 

A personal guide for overcoming obstacles in business and life. Scott has used experiences to help everyone move from guessing to knowing, a must for success in all we do.”

Richard Eckermann

Co-Owner, Co-Founder, VP of Sales & Marketing - Focus on the 5

“That Sucks What Now? came from the heart as a result of Scott living through some unimaginable challenges. His willingness to share his stories publicly is valuable in so many ways. Scott lays out the secrets, the success techniques, the strategies and the tips on how to live and thrive through the challenges that come our way. 

Claiming victory in the good times is easy. Creating victory in the mid of adversity is hard. The mental toughness, the mindset, the persistence and the dedication required is what you’ll learn from Scott’s experience.” 

Mark Johnson

Chief Executive Officer - JP and Associates REALTORS®

“There’s a myth that experience is the great teacher. The truth is EVALUATED experience is the great teacher. The expensive way to learn is to make a mistake. The inexpensive way to learn is from other people’s mistakes. That Sucks - What Now? will add value!”

Logan Stout

Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Influencer, Mentor

“One of the greatest collections of lifelong wisdom I’ve ever seen...just amazing!” 

Dr. Greg Reid

Author: Think and Grow Rich Series

Life Changes When You Realize Events Happen For You Not To You !

Joel's Message Gave Me Pause:

"We’ve all had times where we have seen God’s goodness. We weren’t feeling well, the medical report wasn’t looking good, but HE turned it around…now we’re healthy and whole. Or we lost a loved one. We didn't think we could go on and God gave us peace and strength, and here we are, stronger than ever. 

At one point we were the patient. We needed healing, we needed restoration, we needed favor, and God made a way where we didn't see away. We're grateful that he brought us out! We know that it was his goodness but here's the key...It's not enough to just be a grateful former patient, you have to take it one step further and go from patient to physician. 

You've been healed, now go help somebody else get healed. You broke that addiction, help somebody else break their addiction. Your son got back on course...God answered your prayers. Go out and encourage that mother who struggling with her son, encourage her, speak life into her, let her know that God did it for you and he can do it for her!

God didn't heal you just so you could be well. That's one reason but not the only reason. HE healed you so you could become a healer. HE didn't bless you just so you could be blessed, HE did it so you could become a blessing. HE favored you so you could show other people favor. HE brought you through the loss. HE gave you a new beginning so you could help others make it through their loss. It's not enough to just bask in what God has done. Thank him for his goodness, that's fine, but you have a responsibility to help someone else in that same situation. You're no longer the patient you become the physician..."  

Excerpted from Joel Osteen's Message #767 - From Patient to Physician

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